Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Green In Bean Town

Limited Ed. Kevin Garnett Team Signature Adidas CommandersThe Boston Celtics have done it! They have won the NBA Championship against the LA Lakers! The question is, can I root for the Boston Celtics? I am a New York fan, but the Knicks have sucked for so long, they are impossible to root for. Because I am a New York fan, of course I hate everything from Boston. But I also can't stand the LA Lakers, even though I am getting ready to move to Los Angeles in August. So I would probably get killed in LA if I was wearing a Green 17 or Beat LA t-shirt. But what I really find interesting are these Limited Ed. Custom Kevin Garnett Team Signature Adidas Commander kicks [pictured above]. From the article on Black Voices it looks like they were supposed to make 8 pairs per game of the championships, which would mean 48 pairs were produced, which were supposed to be selling on for $1,017 a pair, but I can't find them anywhere on the website or on ebay. I think they have sold out already. Either way, I couldn't afford to rock these even if I did want to support Boston and blast LA.

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