Monday, April 21, 2008

Wish I Had Been There

X*pert SoopaBut it was Passover this weekend, and Seth and Leia were in town, and I wouldn't have wanted to miss them hanging out with them. So instead, I missed the Soopa Show at Concrete Jungle in Forest Hills, NYC on Saturday. Luckily, my Soopa didn't miss the show. You can see a picture of it to the left and bigger here, with the rest of Saki's pictures from the show. You can also read a little review of the show here on Saki Wrote What?!! I will post more reviews of the show and information about buying any of the custom Soopa's as soon as I can find them.

Here is another review of the show with more pictures from "His Judeness", Jude Buffum of The Jude Abides.

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