Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Soopa Time

Soopa Show FlyerThe Concrete Jungle & Esc-Toy Ltd. are excited to announce the first ever Soopa Show on Saturday April 19, 2008 from 8PM until 2AM. The event will feature over 30 unique Soopa vinyl customs from artists around the world, complimentary food, DJ, a Soopa raffles, and a lot of guest artists including Erick Scarecrow -- creator of the vinyl toy.

The artist list includes:
  • Manny Galan

  • Mike Shoop

  • Doktor A

  • Zane Kozak

  • Omar Hernadez & Will Pena

  • Andrew Scribner

  • Eric Nocella

  • Bucky Lastard

  • Matt Ayward

  • Alec Grossman [hey, I know that guy!]

  • Brent Nolasco

  • Brandy Anderson

  • Anna Chambers

  • Brian Slivka

  • Ayleen Gaspar

  • S4NDM4N

  • Jude Buffum

  • Massa Mas

  • Mike Burk

  • Chaotic Unicorn

  • Dynomight NYC

  • Aaron Thomas

  • Dan Barojas

  • Mimic

  • George Gaspar

  • Curster

  • Steff Bomb

  • Motorbot

  • Marka27

The Concrete Jungle is located 70-15 Austin Street, Forest Hills, NY 11375.
Take the E,F,R,G,V trains to 71st Continental Ave.

The Soopa is short for Soopa Coin-Up Bros.; an arcade D-I-Y "Do it Yourself" vinyl toy created by Erick Scarecrow and manufactured by Esc-Toy Ltd. One of Erick Scarecrow's childhood dreams was to create his own arcade games without the gray hairs of a big budget. The 7 inch vinyl toy can be customized with paint, markers, pencils, ink and more.


scottggrossman said...

Is that the real Alec Grossman? Did he stand up? I wont be in NYC this weekend and will miss it. Not cool.

Gigi Lee said...

I won't be in NYC this weekend either. You know what else isn't cool? No birfday shout-out!