Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pink Elephants On Parade

The Elephant King scoreSticking with the animal theme, and promotion (this time not self- but family), here's the score to my bro's movie The Elephant King. It was composed by Adam Balazs and won top honors at the Park City Music in Film Festival, the premiere festival for film composers, and received the first prize for score at the Sacramento Film Festival. It is available now through iTunes or Amazon. The dance hit "Chiang Mai Nights" is also available as a single. After you listen to this score, you will be able to divide your life into the period before you heard it (the empty years) and after you heard it ("Valhalla"). Sweet! Now when is the movie coming out?


M said...

Daaaamn, man. I'm all out of Pepsi points. You spare any?

Setholonius said...

I wish I knew when the fucker was coming out... still waiting for word on music clearance.