Friday, April 04, 2008

More MPH NYCC Stuff

It seems like NY Comic Con is a bigger deal for the underground toy producers than the NY Toy Fair was. Myplasticheart has another announcement of a new figure:
New York Comic Con 2008 - Gobi Rojo Demonio by Frank Kozik [pictured above]

Continuing our NYCC exclusive releases, art freak Frank Kozik puts his spin on another classic figure from Muttpop's Lucha Libre with his Rojo Demonio version of the Mini Gobi. Gobi carries the same colors as his compadre the Kozik Red Demon and comes packed with double fisted smoking action! This myplasticheart exclusive will be released at New York Comic Con (April 18th - April 20th) and will run you a measley $10. Get your nicotine fix here at myplasticheart.
Only $10! Cheap.

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