Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yeah, Whatever

Alife Dawn til Dusk t-shirt
Alife Dr. Revolt t-shirt
Alife Voodoo t-shirtSorry about my lackadaisical posting lately. I have been very busy in my non-blog life with a new toy design to be revealed soon, an exhibit of my artwork going up on March 3rd and my birthday on March 6th. So I haven't really had time to post anything. Not to mention, nothing has really sparked my imagination and interest recently. I do like a few of the new Alife Spring t-shirts that were just announced yesterday. My favorites are the Dawn til Dusk [pictured above, top], Dr. Revolt [above, middle] and Voodoo [above, bottom] tees. I like the Dawn til Dusk and Dr. Revolt tees because of the nice landscapes that each of them feature. Each will run ya' only $40 and telephone orders are accepted in NYC at 212-375-8116, in LA at 323-655-2093 or in Vancouver, BC at 604-685-6400, so get yours quickly before they all disappear.

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