Friday, February 29, 2008

Last Day For Black History This Year

WRG? (What's Really Good) Magazine has produced this sweet, Limited Ed. skateboard deck [pictured above] in honor of February being Black History Month. Good thing I found this today, February 29, the last day of February, a day that is only in February once every four years, over at Josh Spear's blog. I like both the aesthetic and idea behind this board. It looks sweet, bust out the silver markers and fill in the crossword, then head out and shred it. Also, some of my favorite skateboarders are black (does that sound racist?), like Ray Barbee, a huge inspiration of mine back in my skateboarding days of the late 80's, Anthony Mosley, Kareem Campbell, and of course Keenan Milton (born in 1974, the same year as me), R.I.P. 2001. Mad respect. Only 100 decks have been made, so head on over to the WRG? Black History Month website to procure yours today.

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