Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ninjas Are Coming!

Shiro KidninjaHaiiro Kidninja
Kidrobot got themselves some new figures, the Limited Ed. Kidrobot 14, Kidninja figures. These two figures, designed by Kidrobot's own Huck Gee, come in two flavors, white and gray. The white Kidninja is known as Shiro [pictured above, left] and the gray Kidninja is Haiiro [above, right]. Each of them comes with several accessories, including shukos, ninja sword and obi sash. They will be available on Valentine's Day, for all of your stealthy ninja-love needs, for $39.95. They are limited to only 1000 pieces of each colorway, so you better be on the ball because these little 7-inch fella's are gonna' go quick!

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