Friday, August 24, 2007

New SxB x BxH Skull Kun DX

Secret Base has new pictures on their website of what appears to be a new Limited Ed. spike-helmeted Skull Kun DX figure and t-shirt set [pictured above] in collaboration with Bounty Hunter soon to be available. The Skull Kun is one of the coolest Japanese vinyl figures ever made! Previous renditions of the figure are extremely rare and run up to $300 on ebay. Unfortunately, I am not too infatuated with Secret Base's new Flash website because I can't use really bad machine translation to find out what the Japanese says. If someone out there who reads my site can also read Japanese, please translate for me so I can present the information to the rest of my readers. I can, however, read that the set will cost ya' ¥16,590 or $142.59. That's expensive, but these Secret Base Skull Kuns don't come around often.

Update: I inquired already and they are all sold out in Japan.

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