Thursday, August 09, 2007

I ♥ Turntable Lab

Shadow Conspiracy x Invisible:Man BMX CruiserI have been a fan of Turntable Lab ever since I visited their Manhattan store back in December of 2003 when Mike and I were up in New York for Jeweltide. I was really impressed with some of the recording equipment and the wide variety of records they had available. I got a copy of a De La Soul 3 Feet High and Rising remix record for Ryan "Spaceboy" DeBord there. They have a ridiculous music selection and some pretty incredible accessories for the DJ and audiophile set. I recently got a couple of art related items from Turntable Lab and decided to join their e-mailing list so I could relay new items to my blog readers (that's you!). It isn't really music related, but in their most recent e-mail, Turntable Lab announced that they have the Limited Ed. Shadow Conspiracy x Invisible:Man 24" BMX Cruiser [pictured above] available on their site for $699. That isn't cheap, but this is a pretty sweet bike. The finish on the Cruiser is matte black with black gloss decal artwork by Ronnie B and Andrew Lee. It is limited to only 300 units so they will probably disappear pretty quickly. And if you live in New York and get one of these badass bikes, don't park it on the street or yours will disappear pretty quickly as well. Also, don't forget to check out all of the new arrivals and other vinyl that Turntable Lab has to offer. I had to navigate away from their website because there is just way too much music there that I want.

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