Thursday, August 30, 2007

Do You Even Remember The 80's?

The Cars Shake It UpBlondie Call MeHall & Oates I Can't Go For That
Pet Shop Boys Always On My MindThe Police Synchronicity IIThis Beat Is Technotronic

I do! It was a time when Ronald Reagan ruled the Earth with an iron fist. A drowsy, forgetful iron fist full of jelly beans. Snow drifts of cocaine flooded the financial district of Wall Street. Art was considered a good investment. Clothes and hair were puffy and fluorescent-colored. Women's shoulder pads resembled those of football linebackers. And music was composed entirely on keytars.

Well, now you can relive those glory days, at least musically, through my friends over at Turntable Lab, because they got a boatload of 80's 7-inch records in stock. Nothing says, "the 80's" like the warm, scratchy sound of 7-inch vinyl. And what a selection!

For just $4 a pop, you can get 7-inchers of [pictured above, left to right] The Cars classic Shake It Up (Cruiser b-side), Blondie's sexy Call Me (Instrumental b-side) (anytime, babe), Hall & Oates unstoppable I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) (Unguarded Minute b-side), the cover of the Willie Nelson song Always On My Mind by the Pet Shop Boys (Do I Have To? b-side), or Synchronicity II by the Police (Once Upon A Daydream b-side).

And I know This Beat is Technotronic by Technotronic (Rap To Beats b-side) was released in 1990, but it is still a classic 7-inch for just $4! How can you pass these up? Add 'em to your 80's dance party and you will be the hit of the scene. Radical!

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