Friday, August 17, 2007

Why Do They Do This To Me?

Sneakersnstuff x Puma ClydeWhy do these sneaker companies continue to produce these beautiful collaborations when they know I can't afford them? Just look at these gorgeous Limited Ed. Sneakers 'n' Stuff x Puma Clydes [pictured above in all of their glory]. What a magnificent example of design and craftsmanship. Made of premium Swedish reindeer leather (they also make good eatin'), with the lining inspired by the traditional settlers of Sweden (the Sámi people), a virtual cornucopia of different color laces, a traditional Swedish carving-inspired lace decoration bead, a velour drawstring shoe bag, and 5% of the revenue going to Sáminourra (Sámi Youth), it is a shame that these are so expensive, but it makes sense (I guess). If you want a pair (and you are limited to one pair per person) they will run ya' €171.94 or at today's exchange rate, a whopping and totally out of reach $232.23! That's €8.60 or $11.61 for the Sáminourra for each pair purchased. Which is the only reason I would ever buy these kicks (yeah right! I would get them for their aesthetic value if I could actually afford them, then I wouldn't take them out of the box for a year, and when I did I would get all bummed out when they got the first little bit of dirt on them and I would spend hours trying to make them look new again, only to be dissatisfied by my efforts.).

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