Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Couple Of Things

Going on this weekend, I think as I sit here fasting and reflecting on the past year. First, Kicks Sole Provider in Sunset Junction is having a party this Friday night from eight 'til midnight to introduce a new clothing brand that they are carrying, Insight. 30% off Insight clothing that night, free drinks and gift bags, so this is definitely not to be missed. For some reason they were closed today when Seth and I stopped by to pick something out for Seth to wear to the NYC premiere of The Elephant King on October 17th, though. Maybe they were at Synagogue atoning.

Melissa HaslamAlso this weekend, Saturday night is the inaugural exhibition of the new Cerasoli:LeBasse Gallery, the merging of project:gallery and Lab 101. They will now be in a larger space right across the street from their old location in Culver City. The opening reception features work from Deth P Sun, Mari Inukai and Melissa Haslam [work pictured above]. I definitely want to check this one out. It will be going on from 7 to 10pm. Although I'm not sure about the gallery name, a little hard to remember, but I definitely like the content and the website looks real nice. Anyway, back to fasting and reflecting. Fasting and reflecting. I can't wait for pizza at break fast tonight.

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