Friday, October 17, 2008


Neon Buddha in the Electric City VSo I have been asked, "Limited, why so few posts recently?" Several times now, which is weird 'cuz that ain't my real name. Well, it's because my current job is too demanding to try to post while there and at home our furniture has not yet arrived from North Carolina, so my computer is currently sitting on the floor and I am reclining on a bean bag with my keyboard in my lap trying to type this. It is not easy or comfortable. Luckily, our furniture arrives tomorrow morning. Since I have not been spending my evenings satirically pimping various rare goods, I have been going out on a lot of night photo shoots. Here are some pictures I took over the past week. That's a 15 second exposure, above. There was a full moon over the pool at my apartment complex. Also, one of the pictures I took while driving out to Los Angeles from North Carolina at the Farmer's Market in Austin, Texas was chosen to be used on Schmap. You can check it out here. You can also buy the image below by clicking on it.
Full Moon Pool-2

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