Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wow! Those Are Cool Watches!

Nekura watchesTokyoflash has got their grubby mitts on some extremely cool new watches from Nekura to brighten up your summer dayz. Featuring a variety of fairly easy to read analog faces, these bright funky watches are sure to cheer up any old sour puss. Each is inspired by a different source, like Cabriolet [pictured above, middle], with it's speedometer inspired dial and contrasting green and black finish, or Tranceiver [above, second from right], with it's radio tuning dial look and black and gray checkerboard background. Each features a stainless steel, custom engraved, self-adjustable wristband finished with a neatly designed clasp and available with a black or clear strap. My personal favorite is Tumbler [above, right], which has a stationary hand and rotating hour and minute rings to tell the time and a simple, clean, black, white and gray color scheme. These watches are actually relatively cheap, at only ¥8,900 or $85.06! Not bad at all.

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