Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rom, Spaceknight

Rom, Spaceknight was one of my favorite action figure/comic book combinations as a kid. I remember the ad [pictured above] in the back of other comics for the toy (from Parker Brothers®, one of my favorite board game producers). There were only 75 issues of the comic, but the toy was what really attracted me. It made beeping noises and had light up accessories, and I love sparkling lights, especially red LED ones, and electronic beeps, so I loved this toy. I'm like a big, dumb dog. In the UK, Rom was licensed by Palitoy as part of the Action Man series, which was the British version of G.I. Joe, the Japanese version of which was Combat Joe, which spawned Henshin Cyborg, the inspiration for a lot of modern Kaiju toys including those of Bounty Hunter and Secret Base. Anyway, I am apparently not the only person in the world who was a big Rom fan. I'm thinking a toy update might be in order. A Neo-Kaiju Rom-inspired fight figure. If no one has started working on one already, I'm calling it. If anyone has started working on one, let me know so I don't waste my time prototyping.

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