Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Chiba Chibo

Alright, so apparently I am going to use the word "Galaxy" in all of my posts this week. Today I have some info about another new toy release from the Galaxy Bunch. This one is a series of toys designed by Michael Kwong's younger brother Chi-Kit Kwong entitled Chi-Bo [pictured above]. Here is what Chi-Kit has to say about the series, "I believe in the significance of individuality. The individual is ultimately the most valuable and main ingredient of humanity. The characters of Chi-Bo celebrate and reflect the beauty of humor." This is another Taipei Toy Fest, Tokyo Wonder Fest, SDCC 2008 release. The Galaxy Bunch plans on releasing 60 different characters in total, releasing five characters and a secret bonus figure every two months. The first five are pictured below. Each package will come with a small comic book, featuring different stories about the Chi-Bo characters. No word on pricing, but they will be available starting in August.Chibo

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