Monday, July 07, 2008

Orion's Prints

Metabiotica 18Orion, The Hunter, the constellation, the Brazilian street artist and photographer? Alexandre Orion, that is. Now his work from the series Metabiotica is available online from 20ltd.
"Orion began as a teenage graffiti artist on the streets of Sao Paolo. Now in his late 20s, Orion experiments with combining his street art and his fascination with photography...a process he calls 'Metabiotica'. He expresses his stencil-style art on the walls of the city and then incorporates unstaged interaction with live subjects to create a new photographic image - a process that not only gves the image humour and spontaneity but requires gargantuan patience to achieve. His urban inventions not only create something visually arresting but deftly capture moments of suspense, terror, joy & plain surreality."
Sounds good to me. Looks good, too. And at only £2,300 for a 32" x 32" print or £4,550 for a 50" x 50" print, they are cheap, too. Yeah, right!

I didn't use the word galaxy in this post, but I did use the word constellation. Pretty close.

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