Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Galaxy Quest

Tokyoflash has just released a new Limited Ed. watch, called the Galaxy, that reminds me of the LCARS displays from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Which, by my calculations, means that I am a huge nerd. The watch features Digital Tube LEDs, creating a "powerful formation of multi-colored light bars." According to Tokyoflash, it is deceptively simple to tell time on this watch. It is very similar to reading an analog watch, with the twelve yellow bars representing the hours, the eleven red bars representing five minute groups, and the four green bars representing individual minutes. Easy, right? Anyway, this watch will run ya' ¥13,900 or approximately $129. Not too bad for a really shiny watch that is sure to impress the ladies. Am I right? Ladies like shiny, multi-colored light displays, right?

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