Thursday, March 08, 2007

Cross Contour Crazy!

Dave Flores at project: galleryI remember back in art school when we did cross contour drawing. It was in one of those Drawing 101 classes that I hated so much because the professors treated us like kindergarteners. If they would have let me skip all of those basic drawing classes, I would have been much better off and would have enjoyed art school a lot more. I had been taking art classes since birth, I knew how to draw already. Well, apparently someone was paying attention in those Drawing 101 classes. And that person is Dave Flores, who will be having an exhibit opening this Saturday, March 10th, at project: gallery in Los Angeles from 7-11pm. I have appreciated Mr. Flores' work since I first saw it on his first toy, the Kon Artis figure. I also like his gold and silver Dunnys. David Flores is known for his cross contour drawings of famous people and cartoon icons. He has definitely taken advantage of that art school education. I'm jealous.

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