Tuesday, March 27, 2007

20 Ltd.

20 Ltd.After my tirade against cool hunters the other day I almost feel like a hypocrite posting this, but then again, I don't give a shit, that's how fuckin' punk I am. Anyway, I was checking out Cool Hunting on this glorious spring afternoon and I saw this post about 20 Ltd., and since my job here is to bring y'all the Limited Ed. goodies, I figured I should cut and paste this shit into my blog. Anyway, 20 Ltd. is a website that features 20 Limited Ed. products at a time for purchase. When any one runs out it is replaced from a list of other Limited Ed. products. You can get advance access to the site from Cool Hunting here. Here's what CH has to say about 20 Ltd.:
ditions of items, like an op-art Pucci rug, an Opus foosball table (pitting good vs. evil with players like Gandhi and Hitler) and a Solange pot leaf-shaped ring, are each limited to different quantities. When they sell out a new product takes its place, with the total number of products available never being more than 20 at any given time. A section on the site called the "Next 20" allows shoppers to view future products.

With a commitment to good design and an aim to create heirloom-quality pieces, co-founder Jolyon Fenwick explains, "we wanted to be a bit like walking into a museum but where you can actually buy the stuff." Using a product-centric model, 20 Ltd. keeps the focus on authenticity, genuine enthusiasm and passion for items "created because someone wanted to create it not just to sell it." Defining a "new luxury, the approach makes for products that avoid trends and flashiness and are available to anyone with an internet connection.
Now where are my props from 20 Ltd.? Doesn't Limited Ed. deserve an interview with 20 Ltd. co-founder Jolyon Fenwick? Not that Limited Ed. could afford anything on 20 Ltd., but come on, you know where they got the idea from. Don't I get any credit here?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you deserve all the credit for 20ltd. You did actually create the whole concept of limited edition goods, therefore anybody who ever has anything to do with anything limited edition owes everything to you. After all no-one had ever heard of limited edition before Limited Ed. Suprised you're not taking them to court. I know some right hard cunts who'll back you up if you just want to do it that way?It'll probably do you good to get rid of your bitterness, I bet could find out where this Jolyon cunt lives