Thursday, November 30, 2006

I Pooped My Pants

X LED Watch by XimaxSticking to the gastrointestinal disfunktitude theme, I think I just crapped myself. I thought it was going to be a fart, but it wasn't. And I am stuck at the front desk today because Crystal the Kooky Cracker is out at a conference. I don't know how much longer I can sit here like this, stewing in my own filth. I guess long enough to mention the new Limited Ed. X LED Watch by Ximax available at Tokyoflash [pictured left]. It appears to be one of the easiest to read LED watches on Tokyoflash. It actually shows the time, not just some random grouping of LED's that you would need a master's degree in computer engineering to interpret. It also displays the date and plays a neat little animation with the button push. It features a stainless steel caseback and either a black or white leather-esque band. Also, with each order from Tokyoflash from now until 9:00am Japan Time on December 22nd, you will be entered into the Tokyoflash Christmas Giveaway! One grand prize winner will walk away with a brand new Playstation 3 and two games (Resistance: Fall of Man & Ridgeracer7). Ten second prize winners will each receive a Tokyoflash watch of their choice. What could be better than that? Buy one watch, possibly get one free. Or even better... a Playstation 3! Now I am going to go scoop out my drawers (dirty). Wish me luck!


Setholonius said...

dude, find a Subway bathroom, jeez.

Anne said...

Somebody's getting Depends for Hanukkah.

Limited Ed. said...

I'm old... and incontinent... and I use Subway bathrooms to dispose of my dirty undies.