Friday, November 17, 2006


Custom Hedorah
I got an e-mail yesterday from George over at Omni-Monster!!! (Kaiju Utopia) letting me know about their new blog. It is dedicated to sharing pictures and information about Japanese vinyl Kaiju toys, figures and collectibles, whether vintage or Neo-Kaiju. I definitely have a place in my heart for the wierdness that is Kaiju. It's just such a silly style of movie monsters. Anyway, check out the blog for some great pictures of silly monsters, like the one above of a couple of Marusan Hedorahs. The one on the right is custom painted in a "molten" or "fire" style by H. Lee Porter, a Kaiju toy customizer.

Also, on the new website kick, check out my new art website at I am still working on it, but it is mostly finished. If you see a painting or drawing that you like, you can contact me from the site to find out price and availability information.

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