Monday, March 23, 2009


OYABUN  Naga 12-inch figures and T-Shirt available nowI ran into Andy Samberg at Loteria at the Farmer's Market today. He is soooooo much cuter in person than he is on the TV. I had to walk by him when he was at the water cooler and grab some water to get a closer look. He ain't a big feller, but I bet he can squeeeeeeeal real perty. Next time I see him, I'm gonna make him take off that itty bitty shirt... and them itty bitty panties.

Just kidding... I had my way with him right there in the middle of all the market stalls. It was good, too. Real nice and quick, like a cat. Then he wiped off the blood and was gone. What a shame. Oh well, you never know who you are going to run into in this town.

Also, if anyone out there actually believes any of this, other than the fact that I ran into Andy Samberg at Loteria, damn y'all is gullible. He isn't even really that cute.

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