Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Holy Ass Cracklins!

I am drunk! Damn! Anne and I went out to Lucky Strikes on Highland and Hollywood tonight to celebrate St. Patty's day and that meant tequila shots and bowling. The best combination of events that could ever coincide with a major Irish holiday. I love those green bastards. I was the big weener at bowling tonight, scoring a combined 232 in my two games. That is pretty good with how much I had to drink. I am glad we walked, cuz I barely remember the walk back. We took Yucca to avoid the weirdos on Hollywood Blvd. and ran into the band Wolf Motherfucker(sp?) on the sidewalk and told them to go get late-night eats at Los Burritos on Hollywood. They seemed cool. I think I passed out on the toilet for a few minutes when we got back. I can't believe that I am coherent enough to type this right now. The bed was spinning a little too much for me to sleep, so I thought I should get up and write a new post, since it has been about twelve years and shit since my last one. Oh yeah, did I mention I went to Vegas for my birthday last weekend? That shit was awlsum! We hit the tables with Danny McBride, Ben Best, Jody Hill, and Jeff Siebenick from Eastbound & Down fame. Not to mention my very own brother, director of the classic Butterfly Effect III: Revelation and the best blackjack player I know. And of course my lovely and brilliant girlfriend Anne, who put up with my buuuullllshit the whole time. Remember, always leave the table when they change dealers. That is just a sign and shit muthafuga. That, and I should stick to Texas hold 'em and not play blackjack. Shwell, I should probably get going and try to go to sleep and not puke now. I got a big day ahead of me, designing websites and editing reels. I shit on your piss you pillow licking lizard fucks! ROCK HARD AND FUCK THE MAN!!!

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