Sunday, March 22, 2009


Chelly Chainsaw Print available Wednesday at noonI just had an awlsum day. Not only did I get to go see the semifinals of the World Baseball Classic between the United States and Japan, where Japan crushed the US and Seth hurled random Japanese phrases like "I want to eat your baby" at the throngs of Nipponese fans while chugging excessively expensive and large plastic cups full of what would normally be cheap beer (I got a little tipsy myself), but I also got to go to the party for the last episode of Eastbound & Down at Happy Endings where I pulled my usual "Alec the Joke Killer" routine with Patton Oswalt. Luckily, Anne was there to back me up. We were discussing the many advantages and disadvantages of mustaches with Mr. Juice Jr., who has a magnificent waxed and curled mustache and is a rocket scientist, when I mentioned that I had a similar mustache a few years back and it was not at all good for my sex life. Patton said that was a little too much information, to which Anne replied, "next he'll start talking about his daddy issues," which made Patton crack up. Then he slinked off to his table to get away from me and grab some food. It was great. Also in attendance, of course, was Danny McBride, Jody Hill, Ben Best, and Andrew Daly from Eastbound. I even saw Aziz Ansari from Scrubs, I Love You, Man and Parks and Recreation hanging out, but didn't get a chance to kill a joke with him. Maybe next time. Anyway, I gotta' get back to living the LA lifestyle. Catch y'all bitches later!

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Anonymous said...

Daddy issues, ha, who would have thought??