Wednesday, November 26, 2008

If I Was In New York

Krink Air Force 1Krink Air Force 1

This weekend I would head down to the Alife Rivington Club and pick up a pair of Krink Air Force 1's. These things are fuckin' sweet! I love the drips and the 3M reflective material. Unfortunately, they are not available at the Alife stores in LA... yet. I am a huge fan of Krink's markers and mops. I have been destroying the dumpsters, newspaper dispensers and electric boxes out here with them. Mmmmm... silvery goodness. If only I could do it wearing the matching sneakers! That would be RADICAL!!! Anyway, if you are in NYC this weekend, and are cool, pick up a pair. I'm sure there will be a line. I'm not sure if they will be available anywhere else, but if they are, I'm totally there.

This morning at work, my boss yelled, "SHREDDER!!!"

Also, check out Allen Spector's new pictures of Chinatown. They are pretty sweet like green tea roasted duck. Yum!

Update: I just rode my bike past the Nike Theater on Hollywood and Vine and the Krink AF1's will also be premiering there on Saturday. I will try to brave the lines if I can (if Anne doesn't tie me to the radiator to keep me away).

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