Friday, November 21, 2008

I Am Dead

Tagged Newspaper Box

But only on the inside. On the outside, I am still going through the motions. Existing, but hardly living. To get any thrill in life, I have been tagging the hell out of Los Angeles. For example, the image above, of a tag I did across the street from the famous Vista Theater. I have decided to take pictures of them all, before they are gone, like the one I did down the street from The Hundreds, Alife, Supreme, Turntable Lab, and Huf on Fairfax Ave. Oh yeah, there is a new Alife store opening on Cahuenga near the corner of Sunset. It is opening right next to Space15Twenty. I was driving past before the Alife crew had gotten all of the butcher paper over the windows and noticed they had a huge Marcel Duchamp urinal in the middle of the space. Fuckin' awesome! I wish I had gotten a picture. Anyway, they haven't sent out an e-mail about the opening yet, so I don't have any info, but I am going to try to get out there for that shit and take some pictures for y'all. Now I gotta' go to dinner at Anne's boss' house.

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