Monday, August 18, 2008

Hot Shades

black Alife Super sunglassesAlife has got some hot new Limited Ed. shades coming out this Saturday, August 23rd, in collaboration with Italian sunglasses manufacturer RetroSuperFuture (terrible website, btw). I like all of them, but would probably only wear the black ones [pictured above], 'cuz I'm ol' skool like dat. Very similar to Ray Ban's Wayfarer design. Which they had all of the new styles of in bunches at Kicks Sole Provider. They are $103 a pair down there, though, which is out of my price range. I'm not sure how much the Alife Super sunglasses will cost, but I do know that they are hand-made in Italy, feature Carl Zeiss lenses and are limited to 480 pairs, 80 in each color. They will be available at all of the Alife stores as well as Colette and the following retailers:


Atlanta, Georgia: Standard
Boston, Massachussets: Bodega
Chicago, Illinois: Leaders
Dallas, Texas: Adikt
Jersey City & Teaneck, New Jersey: Packers
Orlando, Florida: Beta
Las Vegas, Nevada: Epic
Seattle, Washington: Goods


Amsterdam, Holland: Patta
Barcelona, Spain: Limited Edition (copycats)
Mexico City, Mexico: Headquarter
Milan, Italy: Slam Jam
Moscow, Russia: Kixbox
Singapore: Black Chamber
Stockholm, Sweden: Cali Roots

I'm gonna' have to go to Alife in LA on Saturday to check out the hoop-la. In the meantime, check out the other colors that will be available, below.Red Alife Super sunglasses
Blue Alife Super sunglasses
Purple Alife Super sunglasses

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