Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So Rebellious

We are out of ink! WE ARE OUT OF INK!!! I am sitting here at work with nothing to do because we have no matte black ink for one of our printers and no magenta ink for our other two printers. The magenta won't be here until September 2nd for some reason. The black should be a little easier to find. So I have time to post something, you lucky dogs.

Tokyoflash Rogue WatchTokyoflash has got a new Limited Ed. watch in stock, the Rogue [pictured above]. Mysterious... sexy... green. Just like Kermit the frog. I think it looks pretty sweet. Maybe another nod to Star Trek with this one, or maybe just sci-fi in general. It doesn't look too complicated to tell the time on, it uses a combination of LCD and LED technology to project five green bands that light up to display the time. You can tell the time just by looking at it, or you can press the LED button and have your own sci-fi convention on your wrist as the watch glows with an eerie green. It has a nice, solid, stainless steel band and also features an alarm setting, something not seen on most of Tokyoflash watches. Only ¥16,900 or $154.25, not too bad for a watch of this quality.

Anyway, I guess I should get back to looking like I am working. Lev is going to the store at nine o'clock (PST) to get some more black ink so I can work some more. I did three prints for Billy Dee Williams yesterday which all turned out amazing. Two 19" x 23" prints and one 29" x 34" print. He really liked them. He was talking with Lev about the prints and asked if he could come to the back of the shop and thank me for the job I did. It was really an honor.

Other than that, Anne and I had fun at the Sunset Junction Street Fair. It is like a really amazing version of Apple Chill in Chapel Hill. There was a ton of really good food, all kinds of stuff to look at or buy, rides and state fair boardwalk-style amusements, and three stages of music, plus DJ booths set up at various locations. We saw Broken Social Scene, which was worth the $20 admission price by themselves. They were really good despite technical difficulties, which they just seemed to laugh off. We also got to see the end of soul legend Billy Paul's set, the last minute replacement for Isaac Hayes I believe, where he busted out an amazing rendition of Me and Mrs. Jones, one of the only songs of his that I actually know.

I like living in LA so far. I just wish I knew more people out here. I still haven't hung out with Jeff Seibenick yet. Bastard keeps blowing me off... and not in a good way. I guess that's what happens when you start working on the Sarah Silverman show. You forget who your friends are. Just like I have since I started working with Billy Dee Williams. Later, b'yatches!


scottggrossman said...

So good to hear you are hanging with Billy Dee.

We'll catch up this weekend, Hip Hop will want to hear all the news too.

M said...

More posts! We lowly redneck afterbirths in Cackacuntina del Norte are desperate for your latest LA sexy newsfeed blog cookies!