Monday, January 08, 2007

Too Qool!

OQO Model 02OQO Model 02OQO Model 02

If I was ever to own a Windows-based PC, the new OQO Model 02, announced this past weekend at CES 2007, would be the one. It's especially small, which I appreciate, and fast... or at least faster than any machine I currently own, at 1.5GHz. It's soooo shiny, like my LG Chocolate phone, and has built-in Bluetooth, so it could sync with my cute little phone. It also has built-in wifi in 802.11 a/b/g flavors, a 60GB hard-drive and up to 1GB of RAM. The touchscreen, TouchScrollers™ and slide out thumb keyboard are also very cool. It's a little expensive, starting at $1,499.00, but innovation has its price. This handy little powerhouse is definitely on my drool-worthy list for 2007.

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