Tuesday, January 09, 2007

iF#@kin' Wanna' iPhone!!!

Why oh why did I have to get a new phone already? I should have known that ol' Stevie J would be announcing the new iPhone at the MacWorld Expo2007. And what an announcement! This thing is freakin' sweet! I am sitting here in a pool of my own drool over the wide 3.5-inch 480 x 320 touchscreen display with multi-touch support and a proximity sensor to turn off the sensor when it's close to your face, 2 megapixel camera, 4GB or 8GB of storage, Bluetooth with EDR and A2DP, WiFi that automatically engages when in range, and quadband GSM radio with EDGE. Somehow, this whiz-bang of a gadget runs OS X with support for Widgets, Google Maps, Safari, and iTunes. The 4GB iPhone will go out the door in the US as a Cingular exclusive for $499 on a two-year contract, 8GB for $599. Ships Stateside in June, Europe in fourth quarter, Asia in 2008. I might have to find some way to get out of my contract with Verizon in June and scootch over to Cingular so I can get my grubby mitts on one of these. Or I might just wait for the second generation version. I'm sure people will kill to get their hands on one of these. I know I have would.


lomax said...

One Monkeyfilter user said it best:

$600 and I'd need to switch to Cingular?


lomax said...

Furthermore, your self-censorship is appalling! APPALLING, I TELLS YA!

Limited Ed. said...

First off, all you'll have to do is wait a couple of months and you will be able to get the iPhone on any service provider. Second, I'll wait until they have one with a 20GB or bigger hard drive in a later generation model before I buy one. And third, I didn't self-censor, I changed the subject of this post because I didn't like the way it looked aesthetically, not because of the content. Shit, I'll say fuck any day of the motherfucking week, asshole!