Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Broken Toe

I broke my toe at work on Monday while helping a co-worker move some furniture. A shelf that she had precariously perched on top of a pile of furniture came crashing down on my foot and broke my right pinkie toe. It is completely purple now, but I have it taped up, so it isn't going anywhere. It is just a hairline fracture, so I should only be out for three or four games, not the rest of the season, luckily. I will take some pictures of it later so I can gross y'all out. It should be healed in four to six weeks, but until then, I would appreciate any sympathy I can get. I have no shame.


lomax said...

You will get no such sympathy from me until you return the original title of the iPhone post to its place of glory.

Limited Ed. said...

Alright Lomax, here's a compromise. Now where's my sympathy?

lomax said...

Alec, you have my deepest sympathies for your loss (of pinkie toe functionality), and best wishes for a speedy grieving process, so that the business of everyday life can go on, so that you can love and fight and make beautiful music.