Friday, December 08, 2006


Biohazard Watch by Tokyoflash
Prepare for invasion! The Aliens are coming! Luckily, the Biohazard Watch from Tokyoflash can detect the presence of Alien DNA, making it much easier to eliminate them with extreme prejudice! Just like those Ray Bans from They Live!
With the threat of Alien Invasion growing ever closer & the distinct possibility that "they" are already here, it's about time we had a device to detect the humans from the human-oids.

The Biohazard wrist scanner probes the immediate vicinity for Alien DNA & displays the results so that you may assess the threat level.
Pretty sweet looking watch, but nearly impossible to read the time on. Just check out the screen shot from the manual [below]. Definitely a conversation starter, and for a mere $138.26, not a wallet buster, either. With the holidays coming up, this might even just make a great stocking stuffer.
Biohazard Instructions

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