Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Poop Is The New Black*

Shikito Brown    Shikito The Real Bad Black
This holiday season, it seems that the common theme among underground toy creators is something very near and dear to my heart: poop. That's right, poop. For example, one of my favorite online toy retailers, My Plastic Heart, has poop-themed toys by two different designers. First off, the French streetwear brand Superdeux has created these Shikito toys. Available in Brown [pictured above, left] and The Real Bad Black [pictured above, right], Shikito is based on Superdeux's humorous B*Shit line of clothing. Each toy is emblazened with the B*Shit motto, "Lauda Shikito Salvatorem - all praise Shikito the savior!" Also on the poop-tip and available at My Plastic Heart, Frank Kozik has created the Sho-Po Plops. Keeping with Kozik's smorkin' theme, these piles of poop feature cigarettes protruding from them (all except for the Skull chase figure [pictured below, left]). My favorites are the Black, Glow and Bloody Sho-Po Plops [pictured below, right]. I mean, who doesn't love a bloody white poop? Ouch!
Skull Sho-Po Plop    Bloody Sho-Po Plop

*If they give an award for the most scatological blog, I should definitely be in the running!

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SamDamnit! said...

Here is a hilarious interview with the people that make poop shaped soap.