Thursday, October 19, 2006

New Kidrobot Hoodie

Kidrobot Dunny HoodieI got e-mail last evening from Kidrobot letting me know that they have a new Limited Ed. Dunny hoodie [pictured above] in their clothing collection. This one is purple with an all-over Dunny print. Cute, but not something I would ever wear. I'm not a huge fan of the all-over print. I prefer just one image on my hoodies: large and in the middle of the front, small over the front pocket, or extra-large on the back. The all-over print just looks too childish. Maybe this is appropriate for clothes from a toy store, but apparently these are made for adult men, whom I don't foresee rockin' them on the block. The new Dunny hoodie goes on sale this evening at 6pm and I'm sure, even at a $165 price (hey, their hoodies used to be $140! Wahappen?), these will sell out quickly. The Dunny hoodies are limited to just 228 pieces, each one has the number and edition embroidered on the inside, and they feature an interior iPod pocket with a cord loop and button hole for your headphones. So head on over to Kidrobot NY or SF and pick yours up tonight.

Also, Kidrobot just announced the release of a new set of Gorillaz figures [pictured below]. The Kidrobot Gorillaz site is up and running, and their brand new edition of the Gorillaz figures will be available on October 26th. Fresh off their multi-platinum selling album Demon Days, Gorillaz and Kidrobot teamed up again, this time with a multi-set toy collaboration. The set features all-new designs of Gorillaz band members 2D, Murdoc, Noodle, and Russel. Each figure comes in a unique box with exclusive accessories! Figure heights range from 6 to 8 inches, and each one is available for $19.95. Check the site for more information on the upcoming toys, downloads, and more!
Kidrobot Gorillaz Figures

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