Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Neckface Vans

Neckface x Vans Sk8 Hi Neckface x Vans DD66
I apologize for keeping all of my readers in suspense for the last few days, but I have been very busy at work, and I figured the longer I keep the post about the Potluck Show at Wootini at the top of my blog, the more people will actually go see it. Anyway, I was clicking around the blogosphere and I noticed that Josh Spear had an article on his blog about some new Limited Ed. Neckface Vans. Neckface is one of my favorite grafitti artists and Vans are one of my favorite sneaker companies, so I had to write a post about this momentous collaboration. Josh has a lot of pictures of the new kicks on his blog, but no information on price or availability. Unfortunately, there is no information on the Vans website about the Neckface kicks either. There is a little more information about Neckface and some more pictures of his work on Sneaker Freaker, but again, no price or availability on his Vans collaboration. I guess we're just going to have to wait this one out to find out when they will be available.

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