Thursday, October 12, 2006

Potluck Show!

Plaseebo painting
Tiffany O'Brien paintingI just wanted to let all of my readers know that there will be a special Potluck Show beginning tomorrow, Friday, October 13th (Spooky! Friday the 13th!) at Wootini at Carr Mill Mall in Carrboro. The show will feature the work of such artistic luminaries as Jim Koch, Laird & Kevin Dixon, Plaseebo [featured above, top painting], Casey Robertson, "Hello, Brute", Jason Hankins, Phoneticontrol, Marialana Albani, Tiffany O'Brien [featured above, bottom painting], Forest Steel, Lany Devening, Brandon Reese, Maria Britton, Alec Grossman, Lorna Wang, Increase Maready, Alyssa Stepien, and more. If you look closely, you will see my name amongst the list. Sweet! Anyway, the show opens this Friday beginning at 7 pm and running until midnight. Music will be provided by Family, who have been on hiatus from Wootini exhibits for the last two months. Potluck-style food will be provided for the show by friend-of-Wootini Eliza. The show will run until November 8th in anticipation of David Huyck's solo exhibit, "Playground Rules".

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M said...

That Tiffany O'Brien painting is excellent. Poor kitty should've been outfitted with some protection.