Friday, October 10, 2014

Holiday Red

Red is one of the colors of the fast approaching holiday season. It seems to begin earlier and earlier every year, and it is creeping right around the corner. It isn't even Halloween yet and there are Christmas decorations in stores already. Anyway, before I go off on a rant, here are some of my favorite red items for the upcoming holiday season:

They might not keep you especially warm during the winter months, but your engine should when you are drifting in these red hot Puma Ferrari Drift Cats. These Ferrari-branded kicks will keep you looking hot on or off the track with a full grain leather upper, cushioned mid-sole and rounded driver's heel.

Red pants have been big this year, so why not pick up these fiery Moleskin Five-Pocket Pants from Ralph Lauren's Purple Label. Oh, I know why, because they are $450! How many moles had to die to make these pants?! I hope it was worth it! They better be the absolute most comfortable pants ever for that price!

If neither of these items are up your alley, maybe you would just prefer a simple red hooded sweatshirt. Perfect for keeping warm while looking cool, this fleece zip-up red hooded sweatshirt from Hanes is my idea of perfection. Simple, warm, fleece, Hanes, cheap, it's got a lot going for it. Or if you prefer to blow some real dough on a hoodie, you could always get this one from Ralph Lauren!

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