Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mongolion Beef

MongolionGiving me flaming-ass fire! Actually, it was the burritos. Too spicy? Too spicy! Anyway, the next in the line of Snakes of Infinity fight figures from Super7 is their collaboration with Lamour Supreme, named Mongolion and pictured above in all of its prototype glory. This is one sick-ass sculpt by none other than the great Cosmo Liquid. I can't wait for this figure to drop! They have to do one in some sort of clear yellow or orange colorway with a lot of red and gold spray. Ridiculously awesome! Definitely my favorite so far of the Snakes of Infinity series. It debuts in March, just in time for my birthday. If there is anyone out there who hasn't thought of the perfect present yet, this could be it.

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