Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Projecta Selecta Detecta

Yoskay Yamamoto KizunaI got some e-mail from project: gallery and just wanted to give them a quick shout-out. They currently have The Upside of Down, a solo exhibit of work from Yoskay Yamamoto, on display now until May 31st.
The concept for the upside of down is inspired by Yoskay Yamamoto’s own need to express his emotions, personality and frequent feeling of self-doubt. Yamamoto feels as if he is always in a battle with himself or his alter-ego known as “Inskay.” The Japanese word “Yo-“ translates to “light” while “In-“ refers to “dark,” which is where we find YO-skay and his internal struggle with IN-skay. As an artist and as a person, Yamamoto feels this constant struggle of light and dark within himself.
As you may notice by reading my blog, I am a big fan of Asian art and especially anything involving coi fish, so I really like Yamamoto's work.

Keep an eye out here for more from project: gallery.

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