Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just A Little Rash

Infection WatchMy favorite Japanese watch company, Tokyoflash has got a new impossible-to-decipher LED watch in effect. And no one is immune to -- Infection! In one of the most ridiculous methods of telling time I have seen thus far, the Infection watch uses three different colored LED's to represent the time. The red LED's represent hours, yellow LED's represent 5 minute intervals, and green LED's represent individual minutes. The LED's move across the entire face of the watch, so you have to find the specific colors and add them up to determine the time. Like most of Tokyoflash's watches, Infection is more of a show piece than an effective method of telling time. Features mirrored mineral crystal lens, matching leather band and stainless steel clasp. All this for just ¥13,900 or $139.22! What a bargain!

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