Friday, January 11, 2008

Run Rabbit Run

Daniel Danger
Daniel Danger - "and if you trick me, I will run. I am a rabbit out of room."

Wootini's january show features a collection of work by Daniel Danger. An artist with a stunning visual sense, Daniel works with many mediums. Most known for his gigposters, Daniel works with other mediums - you never know what we'll have as part of this show.

If you like the unsettling surreal, if you like ambulances lost in the middle of snowy woods, girls turning into herons, beds floating into the sky, ghosts with meanings on a thousand different levels, and lots and lots of trees that are just too tall and don't seem to end, then you will enjoy this show. Find out more about Daniel's work - visit Daniel Danger's website.

The opening is at 7pm tonight, Friday, January 11th, 2008. Wootini is closed during the day until the opening time.

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