Friday, July 20, 2007

Puma At Alife

Alife PumasI have always been a big fan of Puma sneakers, but when I was living with Mike Lucas he always had the dopest Pumas and I didn't want to look like a biter, so I rocked Adidas instead. I know there is a big dispute between Puma and Adidas (seeing as how they were created by brothers who didn't agree on sneaker design, so little Adi Dassler left the company to start Adidas and big brother Rudi formed Puma), and I do have more pairs of Adidas than Pumas, but I still find both aesthetically appealing. Now Alife seems to be joining the Puma fan club and have several styles available to choose from, including some for the lady sneaker freaks. They have a couple of pretty styles of ladies Clydes (my favorite Puma style) available , the ladies Jetter Reflect; and for the fellas: a couple of different styles of the Reptile Low (the artificial reptile skin version of the Clyde) and a special GV Lux edition [all pictured below, top to bottom]. I like the orange and black Reptiles the most, but that's just me (orange is one of my favorite colors). Compared to some of the Limited Ed. Nikes available, these Pumas are relatively cheap, ranging in price from $75 for the ladies Clydes to $85 for the GB Special Lux. That's cool.Ladies Baltic-Super Pink Puma Clyde
Ladies Dahlia-Tender Shoots Green Puma Clyde
Ladies Super Pink-White-Gum Jetter Reflect
Team Orange-Black-Whisper Puma Reptile Low
Dahlia-Black Puma Reptile Low
Pewter-Kombu Green GV Special Lux

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Brad Evans said...

thats right those clydes are fly...