Thursday, October 01, 2015

The Mother Lode

I have been intrigued by sound synthesis since I was a kid and I'm always excited to see new synthesizers, especially when they come from the likes of Moog Music, who have just revealed their new tabletop semi-modular module, the Mother-32. This modern piece of technology is a throw-back to the modular synthesizers of the 1960's and 1970's, but in the popular Eurorack format that seems to be dominating the current synthesizer world. It has a built in sequencer, so no external keyboard is necessary though it does have MIDI in and a MIDI to CV converter. There are 32 patch points, so the sonic possibilities are seemingly endless. The modules can even be mounted up to three high with additional hardware available through Moog to expand the sound even further. The price is also pretty decent for Moog equipment, at only $679. The two-tier rack is only $59 and the three-tier rack is $79. Moog is even making their own 60p Eurorack cases, sans power supply, for only $99! There's your bargain right there!

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