Monday, August 17, 2009

Futurama Mama

Futurama Mini-figsFuturama Mini-figs
I know, that title is terrible. I just couldn't think of anything clever to use as a title to better describe the adorably cute and great new Futurama mini-figure set from Kidrobot. I love The Simpsons mini-figs that Kidrobot did. They feature great sculpts and quality and feel really good in your hand. They are very solid and heavy for their size. And I'm guessing the Futurama figures will be the same. I'm not sure what the two chase figures are, but when I got my first Kidrobot Simpsons figure it just happened to be one of the chase figures, Snake, actually one of my favorite characters from The Simpsons. Hopefully the Futurama chase figures are equally as cool. Anyway, back to the job hunt. I got some more stuff to post later, so keep an eye out... literally! Just like Leela would!

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