Thursday, December 18, 2008

Screen Prints

Falling by Howard BrookesThis week in the studio I have been working on printing a large scale reproduction of a collage for English (via Sweden) photorealist artist Howard Brookes [Falling pictured above]. He does amazingly beautiful, ridiculously detailed, magical realist/photorealist paintings. He works on some for as long as a year. He has been working on two in the studio for the last few weeks. Some of the paintings he does of his collages are just insane. And huge! Anyway, it has been really fun working on his images. We set one to print today at 36 inches by 48 inches. We are planning on printing one at 52 inches wide once we get our big Roland printer up and running next week. We are printing them on canvas so that we can stretch them and he can go in and embellish them by hand. He is also going to collage on top of the print to give it even more depth.

Freddi C    Travis Millard
Also, I got e-mail from A Paper Tiger today that they have a new series of screen prints going. They look pretty beautiful. The Freddi C [pictured above, left] and the Travis Millard [above, right] prints are my favorites. They are both three color screen prints on archival fine art paper. I am a b-boy at heart, so I gotta' rep the London street cred of Freddi C and the Travis Millard image reminds me of a cartoon dog fight. Not reminds, it is a cartoon dog fight. And I like cartoons, especially ones where dogs fight. Not real dog fights, though. That's just cruel, Michael Vick.

Speaking of screen prints, you should see some of the prints my boss has done. He has printed one of the largest silk screens ever produced. It is over eight feet on a side and was printed with over two hundred screens. Oh yeah, by the way, my boss is one of the most ridiculous screen printers ever, represent!

Oh yeah, did I mention, we did tequila shots at work this afternoon to celebrate Howard's print, an etching that Moises printed, success and praise on the botanical images we just printed, and a picture of the Rebbe that we printed. I am a little drunk. Don Julio!!!

I'm out.


scottggrossman said...

Brookes's stuff is incredible

Anonymous said...

Indeed it is.

Timberland boots said...

yes, I agree, it's very fascinating