Thursday, September 11, 2008


Barack Obama toy by Jailbreak Toys
I just got word about this Baruch Obama toy from Jailbreak Toys in an e-mail from Turntable Lab. I haven't given props to Turntable Lab in a while, but I like this toy. I have decided to start calling Barack Obama Baruch Obama. It makes him sound Jewish. Here's what TTL has to say about it:
I'm going to restrain myself from writing my longest review ever for this toy. I will simply transcribe the conversation that Ak Boogs and I had when it came in. These were my first reactions, I am not claiming any accuracy for my belligerent statements. Real talk.

Me: "I don't know... His features are a little too Curious George (The skin tone is accurate, but strangely the product shots that Snack looked up online were mad suspect in the skin-lightening department. Had a brother looking like Nat King Cole on television in the 50s and shit). I'm not feeling the fact that his campaign probably isn't seeing any of this money, either (it's since been confirmed that $1 goes to his campaign for every figure sold online). Why does he have the ill Arsenio finger? I bet these toy-making motherfuckers are a bunch of white boys trying to cash in on one of the most amazing moments in the history of the United States."
Ak: "I bet you're still going to buy one, aren't you?"
Me: "Two. One for my desk and one for the crib."
Anyway, I am tired from a long night last night at the art walk and a long day of work today. I am working on another piece for Billy Dee Williams. This one is a composite of two paintings that will be used for the cover of a magazine that goes along with the Thelonius Monk Institute of Jazz 2008 Saxophone & Composers Competition. Billy Dee Williams really likes my work. Then I had to scan some images and print out some super high quality prints the same size as the originals for Igor Kovalyov, the director of The Rugrats Movie and an episode of one of my favorite cartoons of all time, Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man, and a very close friend of the gallery. I was getting ready to leave when a guy came in wanting to print an image five feet by twelve feet on linen. My boss was out, so I had to show him around the studio, show him our printers and that we had the capacity to print that large. I don't know prices or anything, I'm a production designer, so I was trying to get him to come back in the morning when my boss would be there. It was after five. I wanted to leave, but stayed and helped him as much as I could. He is coming back in the morning. I hope he has deep pockets!

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